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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

The profitability of your business is directly correlated to your ability to analyze data. The problem is even businesses who understand the value of their data may find key data segmented across multiple platforms, or may be unable to pull the most valuable information from existing systems. This delays your opportunity to identify and respond to business challenges. Network Solutions, alongside our consulting partners, will work with you and your team to organize the data you have, effectively pull the new data you need, and combine it into one user interface for seamless reporting.

Big Data and Analytics Consulting

Network Solutions offers big data and analytics consulting to executives and forward-thinking IT groups seeking high-level business insight. We will work with you to determine if any of these steps can be taken to streamline your data:

  • Transition reactive reporting into live reporting: Many companies rely on dated reports that leave them stuck making reactive changes from old data. We can help you move to live reporting, where real-time insights can be more effectively utilized.

  • Minimize time-to-insight: Pulling data from multiple platforms is time-consuming, leading to risky 15-, 30- or 45-day wait periods. Our solutions help IT groups pull reports for company executives quickly from one interface, removing laborious wait periods.

  • View key performance indicators: Knowing the data you need and knowing where to find it is just the beginning. We consider your business goals to ensure your KPIs are on the right track.

  • Get out of the data warehouse: Your historical data is valuable, but data warehouses are expensive to grow, and over time they become budget-consuming services that restrict your ability to store data. Run an assessment with us to find out how to move your data into more affordable storage options, increasing both your agility and operating budget.

  • Upgrade outdated data systems: If your existing systems are siloed, your ability to get a complete picture is limited. We’ll help you find the upgrade that offers new insight.

Gaining Insight Through Big Data

Streamlining your data system will remove barriers to complete reporting. Our practice will walk you through the process of creating customized management dashboards that utilize data visualization tools built on an open-source software framework such as Hadoop.

Business Intelligence Industries We Serve

While we believe there are always new opportunities to experiment with valuable data in every industry we serve, we offer business intelligence tools in the following key industries:

  • Health care
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial Markets
  • Insurance
  • Retail banking

For more information on custom big data solutions, or to contact a business intelligence professional, schedule a consultation.