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Core Values

Motivation Matters


Network Solutions, Inc. specializes in creating positive and measurable business outcomes by implementing empowering technology solutions.

Our four Core Values are the motivating force behind WHY we do what we do. Our most important goal is to Honor God in every action and interaction. By seeking to glorify God, we believe that our employees and customers will be served in an extraordinary way. Serving people is service to God.

By employing our first Core Value to Honor God, we enable our second, Extraordinary Customer Experience. Our customers are our single greatest focus, and we believe that they deserve the best possible care. Network Solutions is designed around serving and pleasing our customer; we want every NSI experience to be exceptional.

Our focus to serve God by serving our customers creates a team with a unified direction. This cohesive purpose leads to Core Value number three: Teamwork. We are committed to bringing together outstanding individuals to create a team whose sum is greater than its parts.

When we work together, we are able to provide our fourth Core Value, Strategic Vision. Focusing our efforts on your business needs and anticipating technology trends allows Network Solutions to help improve your business processes. Through the use of strategic, forward-thinking business technology, we can work with you to create measurable business outcomes.

WHY we do is as important as WHAT we do.