Enterprise Networking

With Cisco’s Enterprise Networks, Network Solutions can provide your company with the reliability and resilience to ensure you never have to deal with network connectivity problems.

The Cisco Enterprise Network Architecture is the technical architecture that allows an organization to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime and on any device – securely, reliably and seamlessly.  Benefit from...

  • Wireless network connections as secure as a LAN
  • The highest level of network uptime
  • Maximum diagnostic control
  • Upgradable, backwards-compatible products with longevity

NSI has a certified support staff of CCIE-, CCNP- and CCNA- certified wireless network engineers to equip you with the best tools and training wireless service providers have to offer.

Routing and Switching

Cisco excels at providing the platforms for campus, branch, and data center networks, integrating security at all levels of Wi-Fi networks and providing top-notch manageability. This platform includes:

  • Routing: Cisco’s routers are at the foundation of intelligent, self-defending networks. Customers receive best-in-class security services and routing technologies, the lowest TCO and the highest ROI.
  • Switching: Cisco’s portfolio of intelligent network switches provides an ever-expanding suite of advanced technologies and services to strengthen, simplify, and extend the value of network infrastructure.FREE EBOOK:  Software-Defined Networking

Management Solutions

For the easiest network deployment and increased uptime, Network Solutions offers two solutions for management of your Borderless Network:

  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure: Cisco Prime Infrastructure’s user-friendly management allows you to take advantage of your intelligent Cisco network. With this software, you can:
    • Reduce your number of network management tools
    • Solve problems faster and with fewer resources
    • Accelerate time to value
  • Meraki Dashboard: Looking for simplicity? Cisco’s Meraki dashboard is the cloud-based management solution for you. Meraki makes network engineers’ jobs easier by facilitating remote network troubleshooting without adding scaling-related complexity.