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July 16th


Watch this short video we made at VMUG UserCon 2019 in July!  

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August 27th

aim-ideas-summit-logo-NEW-12019 Aim Ideas Summit
French Lick Springs Resort
French Lick, Indiana
August 27-29, 2019

AIM (Accelerate Indiana Municipalities)


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September 26th

10am - 11am EST

Security Machine-01Webinar: 

Building the Most Efficient Security "Machine"

Breaking the Cyber Kill Chain

Any security engineer, security analyst, or security vendor, if they're being honest, will never state that threats can be eliminated...only mitigated.

The importance is in the efficacy of your security system...your security "machine". Higher security system efficacy means higher threat mitigation, which means minimizing risk to your critical data assets.  So how do you build the best "machine" possible?

NSI Security Practice Manager, Jason Dell will explain the most current "cogs" in the security "machine" needed to build the most effective security system and how those "cogs" work together to protect your most valuable assets.


  • Cyber Kill Chain Defined
  • The Security Machine
  • Breaking the Cyber Kill Chain

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We are so confident in the value of this webinar, all webinar attendees will receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card for attending!  

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Municipalities are increasingly being specifically targeted for ransomware attacks! 

Read this case study to learn more.

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