Engaging Network Solutions’ Advanced Services Support Team

How to Open a Ticket?

Critical Issue

  • Call 888-247-0900 and follow the prompts to talk to an Advanced Services Support Team member.

 Non-critical Issue

Option 1 - Call 888-247-0900 and follow the prompts to talk to an Advanced Services Support Team member.

Option 2 - Email


Bronze / Silver / Gold or ProCare Manage Customer:

Open a ticket through our Ticket Tracker portal at


Priority 1 tickets must be opened by phone. Tickets opened by email or the Ticket Tracker portal are only monitored during business hours (Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm Eastern time) and are entered at a non-critical priority level.


To open a ticket you will need the following information:

  • Authorization to open a ticket on your company’s behalf
  • Contact information
  • Technology type (Security / Networking / Collaboration)
  • Description of issue
  • Site(s) / User(s) impacted
  • Severity of issue’s impact to company
  • Maintenance Window for required changes


Hours of Coverage

Business Hours

Business hours are defined as 8am until 5pm Eastern Time Monday through Friday, excluding NSI observed holidays.


Expectations for After Hours / Holidays

Only critical issues will receive a response after hours or during holidays. All after hours issues must be reported by phone and will be processed in accordance with your agreement terms.


How to Log into NSI’s Ticket Tracker Portal?

Requires a ProCare Manage or Bronze / Silver / Gold agreement.

In your browser, navigate to where you will be prompted to enter your username and password. If you do not have an account, please contact the Advanced Services Support Team by phone or email.


What happens after you open a ticket?

Tickets opened by phone will be given verbal direction by the dispatcher based on the priority and agreement terms.


If you emailed in your ticket or entered it via the Ticket Tracker portal. You will receive an automated response back to let you know that we have received your issue and it will be processed based on your agreement terms.


Once an engineer has been assigned to your ticket you will receive an email with details on the next steps.


If you have additional questions or would like to discuss purchasing an agreement, please reach out to your Account Manager or email us at


Priority Ticket Classification

Priority 1

·        Production outage has occurred and no workaround is available. Significant (either quantity or importance) business systems are unavailable.

·        Systems are unusable in their current state

·        *Priority 1 cases must be submitted by Phone

Priority 2

·        Critical issue that has a direct impact on productivity

·        Major Inconvenience

Priority 3

·        Issue impacting an individual or small group of users but does not present an immediate impact to business productivity or an occasional issue that needs to be resolved.

·        Minor inconvenience

Priority 4

·        Low priority issue

·        General information, MACD or schedulable event