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Powerful Protection That Safeguards Your Entire Infrastructure

Finding and maintaining network security solutions can seem overwhelmingly complex. The threat landscape is ever-changing, and attackers find new and creative ways to navigate through security controls. It’s time to take back control over your network security architecture and give your business the protection it needs to thrive.

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Our Network Security Solutions

Network Solutions will customize a security solution for your business to protect your critical data assets. With our suite of network security tools and solutions, everyone in your organization can feel confident that your critical data assets are secure.



Assess the efficacy of your security controls. In a security whiteboard session, we will work together to compile a high-level overall security posture and prioritize security gaps or inefficacies. A vulnerability assessment identifies security weaknesses in applications endpoints, network infrastructure, and endpoints. A penetration test proves the robustness of production security controls.



Modern-day firewalls are powerful security tools with a full suite of threat mitigation capabilities to protect your internet edge or to segment your LAN/WAN. In addition to stateful firewall and VPN termination capability, application discovery and threat intelligence enables intrusion prevention and antimalware to be continuously updated and tuned. Security intelligence blocks connectivity to malicious infrastructures.


Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-On

Phishing is becoming increasingly prevalent, and increasingly difficult to mitigate. Credential compromise can happen through phishing and many other nefarious methods. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA/2FA) is a must-have for any compatible application or service that requires user authentication. MFA is a key component in Zero-Trust Architecture.

endpoint security

Endpoint Security (EDR)

In today’s network topologies, the endpoint is often the entry point to the network. An Endpoint Detection and Response EDR detects malware threats across all compatible endpoints, investigates the entire lifecycle of the threat, providing insights into what happened, how it got in, where it has been, what it's doing now, and what to do about it to help to contain the threat before it can spread to other endpoints. This is very useful for threat hunting by security analysts.


Web Security

Internet application security goes beyond content filtering and protecting web browsers. It protects any application, operating system, mobile device, or IoT that accesses the Internet. DNS security leverages security intelligence to prevent connectivity to malicious Internet infrastructures before the traffic flow begins. Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) is a Secure Access Services Edge (SASE) component capable of protecting SSL/TLS (HTTPS) traffic.


Email Security

Email is a top threat vector, and the #1 method of contracting ransomware. Today’s businesses need higher email security efficacy than what is included with the email provider. With a Secure Email Gateway (SEG) all email is routed through the control for inspection and filtering. Additionally, email security can be provided through native integrations with Microsoft 365 for intra-domain email protection.


Access Control

Control granular wired, wireless, or VPN network access (NAC) to your physical network infrastructure with AAA (authentication, authorization, accounting) provided by Identity Services. Safely onboard guests, BYOD and IoT devices, and authenticate corporate assets with approved user credentials. Posture assessment ensures that only compliant devices can connect.


Network Analytics

Analyze your existing network data to help detect threats that may have found a way to bypass your existing controls, before they can do serious damage.


Micro Segmentation

Reduce your attack surface with zero trust microsegmentation. Stop threats from spreading and protect the applications that power your business with zero trust microsegmentation, on any workload, across any environment.


Monitoring and Event Management

Security tools can provide a wealth of information, respectively, but how can you tell when an alert or an event should be investigated further? As well, how are your security tools working together as a security system to collectively protect your data assets?



During a breach is not the proper time to develop a plan for breach remediation. Emotions are high, stakes are high, and the pressure is on to resolve as quickly as possible. Having a remediation plan ready to execute will make the remediation process as smooth and painless as possible.

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Close the gap and implement a plan and the right set of tools tailored to meet the needs of your team, infrastructure, and business objectives.

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Feel confident and at peace with your secure, high-performing network security system and business environment.

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Your Trusted Partner in Industry-Leading Network Security

Network Solutions is a Cisco-exclusive partner, with decades of experience in building best-in-class IT solutions. As technology evolves, we also adapt and grow – helping other businesses do the same, with security top of mind.

Every IT team should go to work knowing they can trust the systems at the core of their expertise. Applications should perform as intended and be accessible to all users, but most importantly, those systems should be safeguarded with the best enterprise network security.

We’ve built our solutions with Cisco at the center. With such high-performing, secure technology, we’re able to apply best practices and identify gaps in any business’ security plan. From there, we formulate the right combination of tools that help you future-proof your business and tackle everyday with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about trusting your cyber security strategy to a Cisco-focused partner? We have answers.

What is network security?

Network security is the implementation of a reliable IT infrastructure that protects a business against cybersecurity threats and attacks. The right network security strategy often involves industry-leading tools, applications, and software that work exactly as intended, prevent reputation damage, and serve as an adaptable foundation for a growing business.

Why Cisco Security?

As the largest enterprise cybersecurity company in the world, Cisco is our longstanding partner and leads the way with solutions that are driving the industry in SASE (Secure Access Service Edge), XDR (Cisco® Extended Detection & Response), and zero trust. The Cisco SecureX platform provides simplicity, visibility and efficiency across your security infrastructure.

Is Network Solutions the right fit for my security needs?

Our process is simple. It all starts with a free consultation that you can schedule right here. We’ll listen, ask a few questions, and isolate your most critical security challenges with a Free Security Whiteboard Session – essentially a network security assessment that clarifies the path to a more comprehensive, secured network.

What industries does Network Solutions specialize in?

We proudly serve customers across the Midwest in a variety of industries–from finance and manufacturing to education and the public sector. Some of our longest standing clients reside in healthcare, government, utilities, retail, education, manufacturing, and financial services.


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