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Implement A Strategic, Secure Enterprise Network Architecture That Drives Results for Your Business

The right enterprise network setup serves as the backbone of your technological infrastructure. Together, we integrate your network with IT, security, and the cloud environments you can rely on every day.

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Enterprise Networking

Enterprise Networking encompasses a comprehensive range of networking solutions including routing, switching, wireless technologies, and security solutions, designed to meet the connectivity and security needs of businesses and organizations. These solutions provide the foundation for building and managing robust, scalable, and secure network infrastructures, with a focus on innovations like SD-WAN and cloud integration to enhance network agility. Cisco's extensive services and support offerings further assist organizations in deploying and maintaining efficient and reliable enterprise networks.


DNA Center - Digital Network Architecture

Cisco DNA Center serves as a comprehensive network management and analytics platform, enhancing security through zero-touch provisioning for Cisco devices, Assurance capabilities for proactive monitoring and troubleshooting, and AIOps innovations for optimizing collaboration apps like Microsoft Teams and Webex. Its proactive approach helps prevent network issues, contributing to an overall more secure network environment.


Cisco SD-WAN

Cisco SD-WAN streamlines wide area network management, offering enhanced performance, robust security, and cost-efficiency, while being scalable and improving cloud connectivity for businesses of all sizes.


Cisco Catalyst Switches

Cisco Catalyst switches are crucial in corporate networks and data centers for their high performance, strong security, and scalability, seamlessly integrating with other Cisco products for efficient and secure network operations.


Cisco Wireless

Cisco's wireless networks excel in security with WPA3 encryption, 802.1x authentication, and advanced features like rogue AP detection. They offer a diverse product range, support for the latest Wi-Fi standards, centralized management through Cisco DNA Center, scalability, and seamless integration with other Cisco products, making them a secure and versatile choice for organizations prioritizing efficient and adaptable wireless infrastructure.


Cisco Meraki SD-WAN

Meraki SD-WAN offers optimized traffic management, robust security, and easy cloud-based administration, making it an ideal, user-friendly solution for enhancing network efficiency and security in diverse organizational settings.


Cisco Routers

Cisco routers are a crucial element in secure network management, offering a variety of models with robust security features like VPNs, ACLs, and firewalls, and are known for their high performance, reliability, scalability, and seamless integration with Cisco's ecosystem, making them suitable for various network sizes and needs.


Meraki Cloud-Managed Switches

Cisco Meraki switches provide a cloud-managed, scalable, and secure solution with advanced features like VLAN segmentation, integrated firewalls, and remote management. Their energy efficiency and integrated analytics contribute to creating secure, manageable, and efficient network infrastructures for organizations of various sizes.


Meraki Cloud-Managed Access Points

Cisco Meraki access points provide a secure and scalable wireless networking solution with cloud-managed centralized control, ease of deployment, advanced features like RF optimization, and integrated security measures. Their security-focused design, adaptability with Cisco security solutions, and energy efficiency make them a trusted choice for organizations prioritizing robust and secure wireless networks.


Meraki Cloud-Managed Cameras

Meraki cameras are equipped with extensive security features, including data encryption and unique user accounts, to protect against potential threats. With real-time video intelligence, these cameras provide analytics to enhance network security, offering a unified approach that combines both cybersecurity and physical security measures for remote monitoring and protection of physical locations.


Meraki Cloud-Managed IoT Sensors

Cisco Meraki IoT sensors, including the Meraki MT series, provide a diverse and secure range of sensor devices for environmental monitoring, featuring easy deployment, cloud-managed centralized control, real-time data alerts, and seamless integration with Cisco's security solutions, making them an ideal choice for efficient and secure IoT network management.


Cisco vManage

Cisco vManage serves as the centralized management platform for Cisco's SD-WAN solution, offering a powerful dashboard for seamless access to Cisco's SaaS services. With an end-to-end architecture and scalable on-demand capabilities, vManage simplifies management while allowing granular monitoring of specific applications through features like User-Defined SaaS Application Lists, ensuring efficient and transparent network control.


Cisco Meraki Dashboard

The Cisco Meraki dashboard, a cloud-based management platform for Meraki devices, is a "best in class" solution, known for its user-friendly design and centralized network management. It boasts built-in security features, including real-time monitoring and threat detection, while offering robust support through a ticket management system, live help, and training resources for issue resolution and user education.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about trusting your enterprise network strategy to a Cisco-focused partner? We have answers.

What is Enterprise Networking?

Enterprise networking is a comprehensive and adaptable IT infrastructure built for midsize to large organizations in order to maintain connectivity among users, devices, and various applications. The right setup would support your business’ most important objectives and help you better and more safely serve your team and customers.

Why Cisco Meraki or Enterprise Networking?

Cisco and Meraki are two connected brands that provide organizations with powerful options for enterprise networking. We recommend and use them both for our clients. Meraki extends an intuitive network that’s easy to use for companies in need of an out-of-the-box solution. Cisco allows for even greater customization to ensure your network is built to scale and advance your business.

How do I determine if Network Solutions is the right fit for my enterprise network needs?

Our process is designed with you in mind. Everything starts with a free consultation that you can schedule right here. We’ll discuss your enterprise network challenges, uncover opportunities, and provide you a Free Gap Analysis that clarifies the path forward.

What industries does Network Solutions specialize in?

We proudly serve customers across the Midwest in a variety of industries–from the public sector and manufacturing to finance and education. Some of our longest-standing clients reside in industries including: government, healthcare, utilities, retail, education, manufacturing, and financial services.


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