Managed Services 

Technology is vast and ever-changing, making it increasingly more difficult for organizations to provide training and help them to maintain certifications while focusing on strategic business initiatives.


Training Investment

Our team of exceptional, highly-educated engineers have accumulated over 10,000 hours in classroom time, independent study, and testing with a formidable investment cost to NSI in order to become the expert resource to meet our customer's business needs. From our managed services platform, NSI can manage your day-to-day IT operations while simultaneously sharing that knowledge with you.


Improved Operational Efficiency

By partnering with Network Solutions, our clients are better able to manage their day-to-day operational needs. Increased hardware complexity often forces IT staff to spend an unbalanced amount of time making sure hardware and systems are running efficiently while having less time on their end-users.    

We work alongside their talent to co-source routine IT operations, so their team can drive business outcomes by spending less time interfacing with the technology and more time working face-to-face with the customers that make their business possible. 


Automation & Expertise

We implement our B.E.S.T, Business Enhancing Services & Technologies, in automation from managed security services to productivity tools, but more importantly, we offer an individualized level of expertise to manage your infrastructure. Whatever devices, hardware, or services you use, our highly-certified engineers have the expertise to simplify your life. 

Customer Training

Going Deeper: Network Solutions can also share our knowledge and expertise for a fraction of the cost of training and certifying engineers to manage your data center, Borderless Network, and other critical IT tools.


NSI monitor can proactively supervise the performance of your IT infrastructure, optimizing performance and uptime. We can monitor on-premise, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure, allowing your IT team to troubleshoot more quickly and with full visibility of:

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  • Servers
  • Networks
  • Applications
  • Storage
  • Virtual Machines
  • Websites
  • Cloud

Configuration / Change Management

LM Config boosts your efficiency by automatically monitoring and saving changes to all your device configurations. With LM Config, you can solve problems quicker by correlating configuration changes with performance data. In addition, LM Config offers:

  • Consolidation of tools
  • Configurations management and infrastructure monitoring from the same window
  • Ability to review and restore previous configurations
  • Strengthened infrastructure
  • Adherence to compliance and standardization policies as your business grows in size and complexity

Business Outcomes

The focus of any solution provided by Network Solutions should be viewed through the lense of how it improves the business.  Technology should only be deplolyed to impact business outcomes.

  • Improvement to Operational Efficiency
  • Maximize Capital Investments
  • Manage Risk
  • Reduce Cost/Expenses
  • Increase Revenue