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The world we live in is saturated with technology and driven by IT. Consequently, cyber security has become a vital concern in the business world. The truth is, the companies that think they have all of their security needs in place probably don’t even realize that they’ve already been breached.

Think about it this way: we secure our homes by closing the garage door, shutting the windows, and locking the front door. But that’s just the perimeter. Today, networks need more security measures than a simple deadbolt lock. Networks can be breached in so many more ways; compliance just doesn’t cut it. NSI’s knowledgeable staff can help your company reach its security goals, moving from simple compliance to a strongly layered and managed network security plan.

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Proactive Strategic Architectural Approach

Cisco’s architectural approach to security integrates products that cover different threat vectors on your network, providing a more intelligent threat defense to keep your network protected. Cisco has always been an industry leader in security services. Network security began with the firewall, but network threats have evolved to require so much more than just a firewall.

Cisco has continued to grow its security practice through strategic acquisitions to provide more security options than anyone else.

As IT staffs are stretched thinner trying to keep up with security needs, you can rest easy knowing that Cisco is taking proactive steps to protect your network. 

Whether you’re looking for email privacy and encryption, malware protection, or comprehensive computer security services, Network Solutions has the knowledge and expertise to make sure your network is safe.

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Identity Services Engine

NSI’s powerful security services include Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE), ISE iconwhich allows enterprise-wide security control from one single policy access point.

Before any device is granted access to the network, it undergoes a screening process to create an identity based on the user, time, location, and type of device trying to access the network. This allows network directors to control which resources can be accessed, so you never have to wonder about who or what is on your network.

Cisco Umbrella

If you’re concerned with the risks of using cloud services, Cisco Umbrella offers peace of mind.  This 

umbrella iconsecurity platform serves as the primary line of defense against online threats wherever users go. Umbrella uses the internet’s very foundation to proactively prevent connections to malicious destinations. Cloud security not only offers more effective wireless network security, but also saves you money. Umbrella is the culmination of three powerful tools:
  • DNS and IP layer enforcement Intelligent proxy
  • Command and control call back blocking 

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Advanced Malware Protection

Cisco’s Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) equips your business with proactive defense against

AMP for Endpoints-1

threats. With an ever-expanding knowledge base, AMP is the best defense against emerging threats, no matter how sophisticated or stealthy. Watching, analyzing, and recording the activity of every file that enters your network, AMP allows your security team to pinpoint the source of malware, contain, and eliminate it with just a few clicks.

Cisco DUO

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Verify the identity of all users with Duo's easy, one-tap-approval 2FA.DUO MFA

Device visibility

Gain visibility into all devices managed and unmanaged to ensure they meet your security standards, before granting them access.

Adaptive authentication

Enforce access security policies based on user, device, and application risk.

Secure single sign-on (SSO)

Streamline the user login workflow with a single dashboard to access all applications.

Protect any application, wherever it’s located

Secure access to all on-premises and cloud applications with native integrations.

Secure remote access

Provide clientless remote access for multicloud environments and remote workers.

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