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4 Key Benefits of a Hosted Cloud

June 1, 2018 Network Solutions


Let’s face it, a strong economy is something everyone wants, but in many cases information technology teams, budgets or hardware is not capable of supporting or enabling your company for agility.

Gone are the days of needing to make a large investment in infrastructure only to see it depreciate on your books year after year. There is no need to take engineers away from providing important services to customers or the need to hire expensive resources to manage a complex infrastructure. With a hosted Cloud, the hardware is taken care of for you so you can focus on what is important - your customers.




Utilizing a hosted cloud means your OPEX investment is “future-proofed.” You can have piece of mind knowing that you will have access to latest hardware that will power your business and give you the competitive edge you need. With Hosted cloud, having access to “best of breed” technologies will align you and your company with ability to scale out or scale down to reduce cost and your IT foot print. Hosted Cloud grows and shrinks with your company technology demands, giving you un-paralleled flexibility.

"With Hosted Cloud, you and your company have direct access to technology that is not only convenient but can provide you with access to the latest hardware and services that otherwise would be out of reach." - Mike May CLOUD ENGINEER 

Hosted Cloud in almost all cases come with increased security with dedicated, highly skilled engineers that have spent their careers looking at traffic and attack methods that most of today’s IT folks miss. Cloud service providers have taken great steps and have made huge investments in technology to protect cloud customers from DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks and other malicious attacks. Leveraging the latest cloud technologies, many cloud providers have adopted steps to mitigate malware and viruses that can walk the kill chain.

Companies can spend millions on making an environment regulatory compliant. With Hosted cloud, you don’t have to make the huge investment. Many cloud providers have already spent the money, time and resources to certify their offerings. Flexibility is an aspect of “Hosted Cloud” that rings true at almost every level and security is no different. Hosted Cloud providers in many cases will give you access to solutions that can protect your data at a fraction of the cost that it would take you to deploy them.

Hosted Cloud is built around giving you the ability to customize your infrastructure to fit the business needs, not the other way around. If you don’t have a service running in one cloud provider, adopting a multi-cloud approach will give access to specific services at a low reoccurring cost. Having this level of flexibility can greatly reduce the time and cost it takes for you and IT teams to deliver new services to customers.

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