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10 Tips for E-rate Season

ERATE season is upon us and it's time to get those much needed technology upgrades. This program lets next-gen tech become more affordable for schools to impliment. ...

ANNOUNCEMENT: NSI's New Customer Portal

Creating an Extraordinary Customer Experience

HOW TO SIMPLIFY IT: Making IT Intuitive

Simple. Easy. Efficient. People think ...

What we saw at HECC 2017!

What the HECC is going on in the K-12 industry? NSI hit the road last week to attend the

Are You Ready for HECC 2017 Educators?

Are you jazzed up for HECC 2017 in Indianapolis? We are! HECC is a conference where K-12 professionals are able to find out what’s new in education and how ...

7 Devices to Make Your Life Smarter

This is a list of smart devices that are just plain cool! Creating a smarthome takes a lot of time and money but these are a few things that can make your life a ...

5 Inventions that are Awesome!

Telemedicine: Drop the Cost and Up the Satisfaction

Who knew one day we would be shoving our phones down our throats to get some cold medicine? Well that day is FINALLY here! Hooray! That sounds gross but I promise, ...

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