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7 Devices to Make Your Life Smarter

October 18, 2017 Network Solutions

This is a list of smart devices that are just plain cool! Creating a smarthome takes a lot of time and money but these are a few things that can make your life a little easier and just plain cooler. Having smart devices in your house opens up your home network to the potential for attackers to breach the network. Make sure you have proper security so the smart thermostat doesn't try to cook you at 100 degrees in your house!

LIFX - Smart Lighting


You think these wouldn’t be that useful and that you would rather turn on the light yourself and wouldn't need 1,000,000 colors. However, having your lights perform a sunrise as you wake up every morning is a new take on an old game. The idea behind it is that you would be on your way out of REM sleep before the dreaded 6am alarm goes off. And these things ended up great being for everywhere lighting. The price tag doesn't lend it to be everywhere but what it can do is pretty neat.


Nanoleaf - Art Lighting



This one is just plain cool. If you want your house, gaming room, or really any room to jump a few decades into the future then this lighting is the one to go for. This product doesn’t promise to make your life any easier or convenient. It gives the smart home a way to express itself with iOS or Android controlled lighting schemes and even a voice-command option.


Sunflower - Smart Patio Umbrella




The Sunflower is an awesome piece of tech that follows the sun to always keep you shaded. It’s something that definitely isn’t a necessity but if you are making your house smarter – the little things count too.


Smart Vent - Saving you $$



This is something that seems like a no-brainer and a good/cheap way to retro-fit an older home. When you have a vent right under your thermostat, the cost of keeping the house the right temperature is a nightmare and seems to be a never-ending battle. If anything, smart vents will cut down on the thermostat battle that takes place in your house everyday.


NEST - Learning Thermostat



Mix this with the smart vents and now your house is a smart powerhouse. This is basically a small computer that can learn about your habits. It’s able to detect when you are home or away and can adjust the temperature according to how you like it. It connects directly to the internet and can download updates and constantly be patched. However, make sure you have a safe home network because these things are hack-proof.

Network Solutions Ransomware Reduce Risk Mitigation

Google Home - SmartHome Hub



Every smart home needs a hub to be able to control all of your devices! You don’t want to have to manage all these devices. There are a ton of hubs out there but Google just released one that is stylish, quick, and smooth. The biggest draw to this one, other than price tag being less than the Echo, is it’s connection to Google Assistant. They are the search engine giants and if one thing they have done right is the ability for seamless help from an automated assistant. Their proprietary system is smart, easy to use, and understands a multitude of requests.


Pop Home Switch - Logitech



These things are pretty nifty if you find yourself getting stocked up on smart home products. Theses buttons are able to be placed anywhere in the home and connect wirelessly to your different smart devices. They are able to turn on and off lights, turn on your tv, or start your automatic vacuum. They give you the ability to put a switch anywhere without having to hire Randy the Handyman.


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