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5 Inventions that are Awesome!

September 28, 2017 Network Solutions

People have the ability to make some awesome things. Technology is allowing for human creativity to finally catch up with our ability to create unnecessarily complex and AWESOME things. We finally have VR that lets us fly a drone through a building at 60 mph AND order the ability to order a pizza online. What a day to be alive!

1. Robot Buddies
Boston Dynamics is doing some crazy things in the world of robots. They have created a dog robot that can self-stabalize and maneauver complex terrain. They have created a robot with 2 wheels that can speed up production at warehouses across the country. They even have a little buddy robot that can walk on two feet while LEARNING the terrain and not just maneuvering it. 
2. Jet Bike
Because why only use your jet ski to ride the waves? 
3. GloveONE
This technology is something that gets me really jazzed up. The possibilities of virtual reality seemed endless before but now there is a whole new realm. GloveONE allows you to touch and feel things happening around you in a virtual world. You can feel rain through your fingertips and brush your hand on the moon. Seems like some awesome potential!
I mean come on. Finally the luxury tank we all have been looking for! The army has been testing this little thing since 2010 and can't seem to find a good use for it. It has a Duramax diesal engine that cranks out over 600hp and can climb a 70 degree incline without batting an eyelash. This is something I wouldn't be upset the US government wasting a couple million on.
5. Amazon's Alexa Copter
Tired of having to go to the other room to talk to Alexa? Well now it can just follow you around! This new toy called Aire gives your Alexa the ability to fly. You can control it with your smartphone and it has built in bluetooth speaker, camera, and sonar sensors so it doesn't take out you picture frames! 
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