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5 Use Cases for SD-WAN

July 14, 2020 Network Solutions

As digital businesses are moving applications to the cloud, IT is being challenged to find an easier way to connect users and devices to cloud applications. Only Cisco SD-WAN delivers applications to users and devices across any cloud without compromising on visibility, security and performance.

secure auto WAN1. Secure Automated WAN

Because of increasing demands on today’s networks, IT organizations need to migrate away from traditional, operationally complex WANs to an agile controller-based WAN with robust security features.

• Addresses the compliance requirements in every major vertical, including highly regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, utilities, and government


• Provides the ability to segment and securely isolate enterprise infrastructure such as guest wireless, lines of business, business partners, and more

• A single WAN fabric for simpler and easier security and policy maintenance across thousands of sites

• Automated zero-touch equipment installations for easier deployment of SD-WAN and simplified software image management

Peform optimizaton2. Application performance optimization

Design a global network where the critical enterprise applications always maintain the highest service level agreements (SLAs) and optimal performance, even if problems occur in the network.


• Sophisticated monitoring of the SD-WAN fabric to detect problems in real time.

• Centralized application policies that automatically steer critical applications around network problems

• A single dashboard to provide in-depth analytics for visualization and historical insights for troubleshooting and future mitigation

Internet3. Secure, direct Internet access (DIA)

DIA enables branch employees and guests to connect to the Internet locally, offloading traffic through the WAN while increasing security and improving Internet performance. The result is efficient and cost-effective access to the Internet with direct access from the branch.


• Integrated and cloud-based, best-in-breed security stack for comprehensive protection against all forms of attacks from the Internet

• Automated configuration for cloud security to make it easier to manage and secure Internet access at the branch

Branch Multicloud4. Branch multicloud access

Connect users to cloud applications and infrastructure seamlessly with unified visibility and management.

• Cloud onRamp tools for accessing software-as-a-service (SaaS) and public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) applications


• Real-time optimization of Office 365, Salesforce, and other major SaaS applications

• Improved user experience of cloud applications with SD-WAN public cloud integration

• Automated provisioning, workflows, and policies for migrating infrastructure to all major public clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform

multicloud blog5. Regional hub multicloud access

Simplify multicloud adoption by consolidating cloud access and security policies into regional colocation facilities that are close to all major SaaS and public cloud providers.

• Add services on demand with a fully virtualized network services architecture.

• Deliver direct-connect access to major public cloud and SaaS applications, significantly dropping latency and connectivity costs.

• Regionalize Internet exits efficiently across major global centers with access to high-speed links.

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• Consolidate cloud and Internet access into the colocation facility for consistent, centralized security policy enforcement independent of the cloud provider. This improves flexibility, agility, and assurance.



Watch NSI Enterprise Architect, Jeremy Ryder lay out the benefits of SD-WAN in our seminar titled, "SD-WAN:  Why Now?  


Watch SD-WAN: Why Now?



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