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Spark & WebEx Converge: Using Cisco's New Collaboration Tool

June 26, 2018 Network Solutions


Our partner, Cisco, has been making moves in the world of collaboration. They have a multiple solutions that have various features but now, they are bringing some of them together. Cisco announced the convergence of their videoconferencing software WebEx and their messaging app Spark into a single, more powerful, solution called WebEx Teams! 

Cisco is really converging Spark with WebEx because of WebEx's superior videoconferencing ability and the redundancy in some of their features. These two applications caused some confusion and frustration in the collaboration space initially. This is because they offered similiar functionality. It had everyone asking themselves "do I need WebEx or Spark?" That confusion is gone now that they have integrated these two solutions. 

They merged these platforms on the back of WebEx's videoconferencing because Cisco, and the industry, are seeing video outperforming traditional communications because it encourages engagement and with more workers being remote - video is a necessity to stay connected. They wanted an all-around product that can help any kind of business.

Now, you're probably wondering what this would look like in practice and how your business can save time utilizing WebEx Teams. This infographic walks you through a day using WebEx Teams. 






This doesn't mean that Cisco is going to shut out other collaboration tools. They have initially promised the ability to hop between other tools (Google, Slack, and more). NSI & Cisco understand that businesses want to have a consolidated collaboration tool so their employees aren't wasting time trying to troubleshoot multiple tools. This is the entire motivation behind building this powerful tool. 


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