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MERAKI GO: Making Small Business Wireless Easy

January 9, 2019 Network Solutions


What is Meraki Go?

Meraki Go is an interesting new solution that brings easier management to businesses that find Meraki hardware or traditional Wi-Fi solutions to be out of their price range. This solution was built for smaller companies, typically under 75 people, that are not currently a fit for the Meraki enterprise portfolio. Companies this size tend to get lost in the weeds when it comes to solutions designed specifically for them. Solutions with robust feature-sets are too expensive or the Wi-Fi technology in their price-range doesn’t offer all the features they need. Meraki Go is perfectly positioned to solve these problems.

70% of businesses that offer Wi-Fi to their customers have reported higher satisfaction rates compared to those that do not. This is one of the main reasons Cisco Meraki has developed this solution. This offering lets you manage multiple different Wi-Fi networks from a single mobile app that has some serious insights.

What feature-set does Meraki Go offer?

Great question! Meraki Go offers so many more features than simple connectivity and firewall protection. This solution gives you the power to block websites that could put your network at risk for attack. Users on your free Wi-Fi will be blocked from accessing known malicious sites and you are able to see traffic data straight from the mobile app so if malicious sites are trying to be accessed – you can shut it down immediately.

Another feature is the ability to setup multiple Wi-Fi networks. With Go, up to 4 networks can be established and managed from a single dashboard. It is paramount that your point-of-sale system is not on the same Wi-Fi that customers have access to. Meraki Go provides you the ability to separate this internet traffic to different networks while all still on the same line. This protects possible bad actors from accessing confidential records on your PoS systems and other sensitive data on your network.

Another powerful feature is the ability to set usage limits. No one likes a bandwidth hog so with this feature, you don’t have to run the risk of racking up a massive bill or slowing down mission-critical applications with bandwidth consumption. You are able to set usage limits so you are alerted through the mobile app when someone is hogging the bandwidth. You are also able to cut the connection so your mission-critical applications like Quickbooks or Square aren’t affected.


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What kind of gear is in the Meraki Go Portfolio?

Meraki Go has in its portfolio a few powerful access points. They offer indoor and outdoor AP’s that utilize omni-directional antennas for consistent coverage throughout the building and they are powered via an AC adapter or PoE which gives small businesses the ability offer flexible Wi-Fi without having to run cables everywhere.

The Cisco Meraki GR10 and GR60 are their indoor and outdoor AP’s respectively. These AP’s were designed with one thing in mind – affordability without sacrifice for quality.


Meraki Go is designed for small businesses that want to offer the best customer experience they can without breaking the bank. This offering is a great way to get the ease-of-management that Meraki offers without having to dive into their enterprise portfolio. As your business grows, you will already be familiar with the basic Meraki feature-set and can scale your Wi-Fi as needed without having to learn an entirely new solution.

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