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Do You Need a Network Intelligence Platform?

August 21, 2023 Network Solutions

Modern organizations encounter a myriad of challenges related to network and application performance that lead to the adoption of network intelligence platforms. These platforms are utilized to address issues such as network downtime, application slowdowns, latency, and disruptions caused by factors like Internet Service Provider (ISP) performance, cloud service complications, and complex hybrid environments. They offer real-time visibility, diagnostic tools, and performance monitoring, enabling IT teams to swiftly identify and resolve network bottlenecks, outages, and connectivity problems.

By proactively tackling these challenges, network intelligence platforms enhance user experience, optimize traffic routing, ensure compliance with service level agreements, and contribute to efficient capacity planning. Their role extends beyond issue resolution, fostering collaboration among IT teams and promoting a seamless, secure, and reliable network ecosystem.

From the intricate web of internal networks to the sprawling landscape of the internet, network intelligence platforms offer a panoramic view of data flows. They empower businesses with the ability to detect and address issues before they escalate, enhancing user experiences and safeguarding operational continuity. By providing real-time insights into network paths, latency, and application performance, these platforms empower IT teams to proactively manage challenges and seize opportunities.

One of the standout features of these platforms is their capacity to transcend physical boundaries. With the rise of cloud computing and remote work, the importance of monitoring global connectivity cannot be overstated. Network intelligence platforms offer unparalleled visibility into internet service providers, cloud platforms, and user experiences across diverse geographic locations. This global perspective allows businesses to fine-tune their strategies and optimize resources for the best possible outcomes.

In addition to their technical prowess, these platforms simplify complex data into actionable insights. Through intuitive interfaces, customized reports, and real-time alerts, they bridge the gap between technical expertise and operational decision-making. This empowers stakeholders at all levels to collaborate effectively, resulting in agile responses to challenges and the cultivation of a network-aware culture.

Do you need a network intelligence platform?

Consider these strategic questions to assess your need for a network intelligence platform and identify potential challenges in your network and application infrastructure.

Do you experience frequent network outages or downtime?
Frequent disruptions can hinder business operations and impact user experience.
Are your applications experiencing slow response times or performance degradation?
Slow applications can frustrate users and affect productivity.
Do you rely on cloud services or have a hybrid network environment?
Cloud and hybrid environments can introduce complexities that impact network performance.
Are you having difficulty identifying the root cause of network or application performance issues?
Difficulty pinpointing issues can lead to prolonged downtime and frustrated users.
Do you want to ensure your Internet Service Providers (ISPs) meet their service level agreements (SLAs)?
Monitoring ISP performance helps hold them accountable and ensures consistent connectivity.
Are you expanding your network or planning to migrate applications to the cloud?
Network expansion or migration can introduce new challenges that require monitoring and optimization.
Are you concerned about security threats or unusual network behavior?
Detecting threats and abnormal behavior is crucial for maintaining network security.
Do you need to optimize network traffic routing for improved efficiency?
Traffic engineering and optimization can enhance network performance and reduce latency.
Are you aiming to enhance collaboration and communication among your IT teams?
Streamlined communication can expedite issue resolution and improve overall network management.
Do you lack visibility into your network's performance from a user's perspective?
Understanding performance from the end user's viewpoint is essential for delivering a satisfying user experience.
Are you unsure how to effectively plan for network capacity and growth?
Capacity planning ensures that your network can handle future demands.
Do you want to proactively address network issues before they impact your users?
Proactive monitoring and alerts can help prevent downtime and mitigate disruptions.
Are you aiming to optimize the performance of cloud-hosted applications?
Ensuring consistent and reliable performance for cloud applications is critical.
Do you require a centralized platform to manage and analyze network performance data?
Centralized visibility simplifies monitoring and troubleshooting processes.
Are you looking for a solution to improve user experience and customer satisfaction?
Enhanced network performance contributes to a positive user experience.

By evaluating these questions and recognizing your challenges you can hopefully determine whether a network intelligence platform would be beneficial for optimizing your network and application performance, enhancing security, and streamlining IT operations for your organization.


Introducing Cisco ThousandEyes, internet and cloud intelligence.

Blog-Post_Cisco-Partners-ThousandEyes-770x533-w-Logo-1 How is ThousandEyes Different from other network intelligence platforms?

ThousandEyes stands out among network intelligence platforms due to its unique features, capabilities, and approach to monitoring and optimizing network and application performance. Keep in mind that the landscape may have evolved since then, but here are some distinctive aspects that set ThousandEyes apart from other platforms:

  1. Cloud and Internet Intelligence: ThousandEyes specializes in monitoring cloud services and providing insights into Internet performance. It offers a global network of monitoring agents that track Internet health, routing changes, and potential connectivity issues, which can be particularly valuable for organizations with distributed users and cloud-based applications.
  2. Path Visualization: ThousandEyes provides visualizations of network paths, offering insights into the route that data takes across the network. This helps in understanding potential bottlenecks, points of failure, and latency issues.
  3. End-to-End Monitoring: The platform offers end-to-end monitoring, allowing users to assess application performance from the user's perspective. It helps in identifying performance issues along the entire path, from the end-user device to the backend server.
  4. Internet Service Provider (ISP) Insights: ThousandEyes enables monitoring of ISP performance, allowing organizations to hold ISPs accountable for meeting SLAs and quickly diagnosing connectivity issues caused by ISPs.
  5. Hybrid Environment Optimization: ThousandEyes is well-suited for hybrid environments, where organizations combine on-premises infrastructure with cloud resources. It helps optimize traffic routing and communication across diverse network components.
  6. Diverse Test Types: The platform offers a range of test types, including DNS tests, HTTP tests, VoIP tests, and more, providing a comprehensive view of network and application performance.
  7. Real User Monitoring (RUM): ThousandEyes collects data from real users accessing applications, offering insights into application performance from an end-user perspective.
  8. Global Monitoring Points: With a vast network of monitoring agents distributed globally, ThousandEyes provides insights into network and application performance from different geographic locations.
  9. Data Analytics and Visualization: The platform employs data analytics and visualization techniques to present complex network data in a user-friendly manner, making it easier to identify trends and troubleshoot issues.
  10. Collaboration and Communication: ThousandEyes facilitates collaboration among IT teams by providing a unified platform for monitoring and troubleshooting network performance issues.
  11. Visibility into Network Performance: ThousandEyes provides real-time and historical visibility into the performance of your network, including WAN, LAN, cloud, and Internet connections. This visibility helps IT teams identify and troubleshoot issues that could impact user experience or application performance.

  12. Cloud and Internet Intelligence: ThousandEyes helps you monitor the performance of cloud-based applications and services, as well as track the health and performance of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This is particularly valuable for organizations that rely on cloud services or have distributed networks.
  13. Proactive Issue Detection: The platform employs a variety of tests, such as DNS, HTTP, and network path tests, to detect performance issues and outages proactively. This allows IT teams to address problems before they impact users and business operations.
  14. Root Cause Analysis: When network or application performance issues arise, ThousandEyes provides diagnostics and visualizations that help IT teams quickly pinpoint the root cause of the problem. This can reduce downtime and improve mean time to resolution.
  15. Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Environments: ThousandEyes is designed to work in multi-cloud and hybrid environments, providing insights into network performance across different cloud providers and on-premises infrastructure.

  16. SLA Verification: ThousandEyes allows you to monitor the performance of third-party services and providers, helping you ensure that service level agreements (SLAs) are being met.
  17. Improved Collaboration: The platform can facilitate collaboration between different IT teams within an organization by providing a common platform to monitor and troubleshoot network and application performance issues.
  18. Better User Experience: By identifying and resolving network and application performance issues, ThousandEyes helps improve the user experience for both internal users and external customers, leading to increased satisfaction and productivity.

As technology continues to advance and the digital landscape evolves, the role of network intelligence platforms will only become more vital. Organizations that embrace these platforms stand to benefit from enhanced performance, improved customer satisfaction, and a competitive edge in a digitally connected world. In a future where networks form the backbone of innovation and business success, network intelligence platforms will undoubtedly remain at the forefront of strategic technological investments.

ThousandEyes is a comprehensive network intelligence platform that provides organizations with valuable insights into the performance and health of their network infrastructure, applications, and services. Its suite of monitoring and analysis tools enabled real-time tracking of network paths, identification of latency issues, and diagnosis of potential bottlenecks. The platform's ability to offer visibility into internet service providers and cloud connectivity was particularly beneficial for businesses with global reach. Additionally, ThousandEyes facilitated end-to-end visibility, empowering administrators to troubleshoot and resolve network and application problems efficiently.

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