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Unlocking Comprehensive IT Insights: Full-Stack Observability

February 27, 2024 Network Solutions

Network Solutions is proud to have been acknowledged by Cisco for our newest specialization for Full-Stack Observability!

So, what is Full-Stack Observability and benefits?

Full-stack observability is a comprehensive monitoring and management approach that provides visibility across an entire technology stack, including applications, servers, networks, storage systems, and more. It aims to enable IT professionals, DevOps teams, and developers to gain insights into every layer of their infrastructure and applications, from the frontend user interface to the backend databases and everything in between. This approach helps in identifying performance bottlenecks, troubleshooting issues, optimizing resources, and improving the overall user experience.

The key components of full-stack observability include:

  1. Application Performance Monitoring (APM): Tracks the performance of applications to identify issues that affect the user experience. It monitors request times, error rates, and transaction traces.
  2. Infrastructure Monitoring: Observes the health and performance of physical and virtual infrastructure components such as servers, containers, and networks.
  3. Log Management and Analysis: Collects, stores, and analyzes logs from various sources within the technology stack for troubleshooting, security, and compliance purposes.
  4. Network Performance Monitoring (NPM): Analyzes network traffic and metrics to identify bottlenecks, security threats, and connectivity issues.
  5. Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM): Focuses on monitoring the end-user experience by tracking user interactions, application performance from the user's perspective, and overall satisfaction levels.
  6. Security Monitoring: Includes tools and practices for detecting and responding to security threats across the stack.

Full-stack observability is crucial for modern, complex, and distributed systems, where understanding the interdependencies and performance at every layer is essential for maintaining optimal operation and delivering a seamless user experience. It provides a holistic view that goes beyond traditional monitoring by integrating data from various sources and using advanced analytics to proactively identify and resolve issues before they impact users or the business.


How is Cisco Full-Stack Observability Unique?

Cisco's approach to Full-Stack Observability (FSO) is designed to provide a comprehensive and integrated solution that spans across the entire IT infrastructure and application landscape, leveraging Cisco's broad portfolio of networking, security, and application services. Their version of FSO aims to differentiate itself through several key aspects:

  1. Integration Across Multiple Layers: Cisco's FSO strategy emphasizes deep integration across the network, security, applications, and infrastructure. This includes visibility into cloud-native applications, traditional data center environments, and edge computing scenarios. By leveraging its expertise in networking and security, Cisco aims to provide a more cohesive and unified observability experience.
  2. Security-Centric Observability: Given Cisco's strong background in cybersecurity, their FSO solution incorporates a security-first approach. This means providing visibility not just into performance metrics but also into potential security threats and vulnerabilities across the stack, enabling teams to detect and respond to issues more quickly.
  3. Advanced AI and Machine Learning: Cisco's FSO offerings are often enhanced with AI and machine learning capabilities to automate the analysis of data collected from various sources. This can help in predicting potential issues before they impact the business, optimizing performance, and reducing the time required for troubleshooting.
  4. Broad Ecosystem and Integration: Cisco aims to leverage its extensive ecosystem of partners and its wide range of products to offer integrations that provide a more comprehensive observability solution. This includes support for third-party tools and services, allowing customers to tailor the observability stack to their specific needs.
  5. Application-Centric Insights: With the acquisition of companies like AppDynamics, Cisco has strengthened its ability to offer detailed insights into application performance and user experience. This application-centric view is crucial for organizations focusing on digital services and ensures that observability extends from the network layer up through the application layer.
  6. Operational Simplicity: Recognizing the complexity of modern IT environments, Cisco's approach to FSO includes simplifying the operational aspect for IT teams. This is achieved through streamlined workflows, unified dashboards, and actionable insights that help reduce the complexity of managing multi-cloud environments and distributed architectures.
  7. Customization and Flexibility: Cisco understands that different organizations have unique needs. Their FSO solution is designed to be flexible, allowing customization and scalability according to the specific requirements of the business, whether it's a small enterprise or a large multinational corporation. 

Cisco's Full-Stack Observability is characterized by its integrated approach across various components of the IT landscape, security-centric vision, leverage of AI for predictive insights, and operational simplicity. It reflects Cisco's broader strategy to provide end-to-end solutions that encompass not just the physical infrastructure but also the application and user experience layers.

Cisco FSO graphic

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