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AI-Enhanced Noise Suppression with Cisco Webex

July 22, 2021 Steve Tadevich




We spend so much time in virtual meetings. We all have had experiences with noise during meetings that distract us or completely obscure words or phrases that are said in the meeting! We need to be able to hear each other to maintain effective and efficient communication.

Not everyone can completely eliminate exogenous noise from our workspaces. In an effort to improve meeting quality for its users, Webex has released a feature that can solve almost all of the noise problems users experience.

Introducing the Webex noise reduction feature. Now within Webex, selecting the “Remove Background Noise” button enables AI-Enhanced noise suppression that removes almost all distracting noises in your work environment. From lawnmowers and weed eaters outside your window to keyboard taps and paper shuffling, this amazing technology dramatically improves the user experience in Webex!

Watch the demonstration of this new feature in the video below and then learn how to turn it on in your next Webex meeting!  This video shows the exact same video as it is recorded without the Webex noise reduction and then WITH Webex!  You'll be amazed at the difference!  Make sure your audio is turned up so you can hear the improvement!

Here is a brief tutorial on how to turn on this awesome noise-reducing feature in your own Webex meetings!

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