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Why and Why Not Cloud in 1 Minute

December 5, 2018 Network Solutions


The cloud can be an enigma to some. What should I move to the cloud and what should I not? These questions can paralyze IT departments from making a decision and pulling the trigger on migrating to the cloud. But moving the cloud may not be for everyone. 

The cloud can come with some serious advantages in terms of flexibility, scaling, and more. The ability to spin up new environments in minutes can relieve the headaches that plague the IT world. We tapped the brain of one of our solutions architects, Jeff Kish, to try and explain the main benefits of migrating to the cloud in under a minute.  



What about the reasons not to go to the cloud? There are a lot of myths out there about migrating your data to the cloud. One of the things is that it's cheaper. That is, in most all cases, false because there is a cost associated with hosting your data offsite. It's a service that is being provided so there is naturally an up-charge and even taking your data OUT OF the cloud costs money. Here are a few more reasons not to go to the cloud and explore other options like Private Cloud as a Service (PCaaS) (see below).






If you want to explore Private Cloud as a Service, contact your account manager or drop us a line here! We will reach out within 24 hours to schedule a conversation about this technology and the possibilities it could have for your organization.


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