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WHY TALOS: Threat Intelligence Like No Other

September 4, 2018 Network Solutions

Cyber security that’s reactive isn’t cyber security that works anymore. If you are using a security system that doesn’t have a repository to find the latest threats – you’re missing real-time threat protection that changes the game.  

TALOS is a cloud-based, worldwide, threat data base that is simultaneously updated everywhere, whenever a new threat is identified.  TALOS is the the backbone of Cisco's security network and is responsible for making sure that every device under their purview is up-to-date in real-time.  

The group is made up of 250+ full-time threat researchers, 1,100+ decoy systems and million of telemetry agents. They pull data from all different applications and their one goal is to protect the internet-at-large from further zero-day attacks.


If ransomware hits in a Croatian restaurant that is using a Cisco security product – TALOS is alerted immediately and is able to push the signature of that attack down to every other device in the TALOS network.  If one device is infected, they analyze what that piece of malware does prevents it from infecting every other device under it's protection..

TALOS is not limited to only Cisco products. Because the formation of TALOS involved multiple different security teams, they developed a combination of open source and free tools that people can utilize to provide a wider array of sensors looking for and reporting attacks.

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Once the one attack hits a product in the TALOS network, that signature for the exact attack is cataloged and in less than 5 minutes, can be communicated to every device on the planet in the TALOS network. 


Zero-day attacks are inevitable and no security product can stop every attack.  However, if your neighbor gets attacked, you sure would like to know about it! And that’s a weakness for stateful firewalls.  Updates to the policy is manual.  Next-Generation communicate with applications like your endpoint protection.  Instead of a virus reaching the endpoint again, this time it's stopped at the edge.

With TALOS security intelligence isn't constrained to silos. Having an ecosystem speeds up the process of aligning all the devices with the same information and it does it in real-time preventing data breaches and protecting your data. 

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